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Moving to a Macbook from Mac mini


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After installing and living with my Mac mini for a few weeks I have decided to move to a Macbook instead.

No matter what I do the screen sharing function seems erratic at best and ultimately the i-mac may well end up in another room from the music system making the process of cd downloading a little less convenient. The Macbook is relatively compact and whilst not as small as the Mac mini should not be too intrusive in the equipment rack. It will be dedicated to music only with i-tunes and connected to a pair of Western Digital Studio Edition My Book 1tb hard drives (music files and back-up)


Are there any tips or considerations that I should take into account prior to purchasing the Macbook ?. The rest of the digital system is as follows :


Emm Labs DCC2 SE & CDSD SE

Weiss Vesta (Firewire to spdif converter)

iPod touch (for remote control of itunes)

Vertex AQ Taga mains distribution

ATC SCM 50 A SL loudspeakers

Various connecting and mains leads (all from the high-end snake oil and fairy dust stables)


Any advice would be welcome.


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As always the responses for help and guidance are excellent in these forums - thanks to you all.


Given what I want to do i.e. use the Macbook dedicated to only running i-tunes is there any benefit to be had from going for a Macbook Pro compared to the standard Macbook ?. Certainly I do not need a large screen but, are the specs better for this music only application that I have in mind ?.


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Many thanks Chris - I shall proceed accordingly, can anybody recommend a good firewire cable ?, I have been very happy with my Kimber USB cables but will need a firewire (I guess 4 pin from the Macbook to 6 pin into the Weiss Vesta) cable shortly.


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gsm - you mention in your original post an iMac? Do you also have an iMac somewhere else in the house? If so, an option (which you may have already considered) would be to buy an Airport Express to feed your DAC (assuming it has an optical input) and stream music from your iMac/external HD.


I was originally very sceptical of the streaming aspect - transmitting a digital signal through the ether can never be as good as a wire, surely? But then via Ashley/Chris I became aware that the AE was basically bit perfect. Mine arrived last week and apart from a very few minor glitches I am very happy - certainly the sound is identical to hard wiring my Macbook to DAC.


I am now in a similar, but possibly opposite, type of position to you - I wish I had bought an iMac instead of a Macbook! That way the iMac could have taken it's place as our home computer and also wireless music server!




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Hi gsm, I went from a Mac Mini to a MacBook (gave the Mini to my GF and bought her a widescreen LCD monitor too!).


I found it more convenient to have the inbuilt screen and keyboard.


The audio connections are the same, but more accessible on the MacBook, being on the side not the rear (also applies to USB/FW connectors for DACs).


The best thing about the change is the ease of upgrading hard drives and memory in the MacBook (3 screws!) compared with the Mini (palette knife etc.). I put 2GB memory and a WD 320GB hard drive in mine in 15 mins including finding a jewellers screwdriver for the 3 screws.


Both are essentially silent unless doing some serious number crunching or playing a CD.





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