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Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB Reclocker (RUR)

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Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB Reclocker (RUR)

Excellent shape, works perfectly. Stock charger with all the plug adapters included along with the other accessories, original box, etc.


The 'Recovery USB Clocker' (RUR) is an excellent, affordable introduction to the world of USB upgrades. It's got a power filter and a femtosecond 'reclocker' circuit to spruce up any USB audio signal you pass through it. Check out John Darko's 'Fighting fit USB audio from the Wyred4Sound Recovery' for more info.

I used it for a time to seriously enhance the USB output of my Sonore microRendu network streamer. I have since moved on to more expensive solutions, and this went back in the box. (I thought for a while I'd use it at my office, but then COVID hit and I've been stuck at home like the rest of us! C'est la vie.) 

It's time it found a new owner who will experience the joy of a femto clocked USB signal with cleaner power.


Buyer pays shipping, handling, and paypal fees (add $15 to the price).

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    Jeremy Anderson
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    99.00 USD
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