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Sure, the Squeezebox Touch won't play the 176.4 HRx files. So that comparison won't go anywhere.


No one said that this is either the best way or the only way to handle high res. For some (a lot of the users lurking around here) a complex system or a project modifying a Mac Mini is more that they want to undertake. The BDP-1 is simple and can be used via the front panel UI. Most users here (and judging from Apple's success many users worldwide) have an iPod touch or an iPhone or an Android device so the issues around access and control are not that serious.


Linn makes a fine solution, if you are OK with its constraints. The BDP-1 works well but has its limitations. All engineering is about balancing constraints. Bryston told me that they are in a backorder situation last time I asked so it must be selling well enough for them.


Its up to each user/consumer to judge what works best for him/her. Some want an Olive all in one and will overlook any performance or user limitations that it brings. Others will set up a Merging Technologies Pyramix with an almost unobtainable Pacific Microsonics model 2 for upward of $35K and put up with a really user hostile interface for playing music in the hopes of getting a better experience. There are many options in the middle, but no universal correct solutions. I like the Squeezebox as well (I have 3) but its not my preferred solution either.


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I have struck a bargain with my wife allowing to buy more toys if we buy more furniture..... :)


Since I have the Bryston BP26 with the built in DAC is it worth going for the BDP1 or stick with my mac mini? The issue with the BP26DAC is that it can't go beyond 24/96 so a BDP1 may be overkill?


Or should I go and get the BDA1 and BDP1 and not worry about knowing that the $1000 DAC feature in my BP26 won't be used. My macmini would just replace my 9 yr old XP machine. Plus I would need to by twice as much furniture :)


My music is all ripped CDs but I would like to see what hi-rez is all about and am not sure if 24/96 is enough. Especially, for the the next 10 years.


I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks





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@Rcanoe, if you decide to get a BDA1, mine is for sale. It's in pristine condition.


I'm in the US. (I realize you're in Canada.)


Please PM me if interested.


(Incidentally, I searched this site and could not find any forum rules, so I don't know whether Chris objects to offers for sale by individuals, as opposed to dealers.)


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Interesting perspectives...

I personally see the BDP-1 as a great alternative to computer playback - especially for hi rez files. It eliminates the need for a USB/Firewire DAC (or those USB or Firewire to S-pdif adapters that can themselves be very expensive and varied in quality). It eliminates all the hassles and problems trying to get bit perfect output out of a computer. And you don't have to unhook the drive to add music...you can stream it over your network (providing the drive is FAT32).

So what's not to like? Am I missing something??


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jstrouth, I definitely don't fit that definition either. The BDP-1 is still working fine and my attachment to it is growing. It did come with a thumb drive with 24/96 material on it. These tracks sound terrific. I am using some inexpensive speakers right now, Paradigm mini monitors. I am shopping for new speakers now and one of the main considerations is WAF. So far I'm leaning toward a Monitor Audio Silver series or a pair of PSB Synchrony 2s. The MA speakers are somewhat cheaper and my wife likes them. Anyway, I'll find out more about the advantages of hi res material when I upgrade my speakers to something a bit more revealing.

Rcanoe, I'd wait a bit before doing anything drastic. There just isn't that much out there beyond 24/96 yet. I'd get some 24/88.2 or 24/96 files and try them out. If you want to go to 176.4 or 192 maybe you could borrow a DAC and see if playing the higher res files improves things enough to justify an upgrade.




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