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PS Audio DirectStream Junior/ Matrix Audio X SPDIF-2

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PS Audio DirectStream Junior/ Matrix Audio X SPDIF-2

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Thank you for your interest.  The following DirectStream Junior/ Matrix (if you know, you know) package are for sale.  Prefer to sell them all together as it brings out the best from the DSJ.  Offering a $100 discount if it’s purchased as a package, but am open to selling separately.  


DirectStream Junior (Silver):

Purchased new directly from PS Audio in March, 2018.  Has about 8 months of active warranty remaining.  90% of the DirectStream Senior performance at a fraction of the price.  In like new condition, from a smoke and kid free home, no scratches.  Ships with original PS Audio packaging, remote control, manual, and an official PS Audio USB stick for easy upgrades.  There is no cheap stock PS Audio power cord included as I couldn’t find it, and honestly, it deserves an upgraded power cord anyway, I was using a Shunyata Venom. 


Retailed for $4000.  Offering at $2250.  Photos below.


John Darko

“the DSJ, like its Father, still delivers on the three Rs: rich tonality, robust dynamics, revealing of low-level detail, textural information and spatial cues. What a winner! This is a high-end audio solution that our parents could use. Stupendous sound, fuss-free, intuitive and highly relatable.“

Steven Stone (Home Theater Review)

“Anyone who has been considering the PS Audio DirectStream DAC because of its sound and features might also want to look at the DirectStream Junior. If I had to go out on a limb, I'd say the DirectStream Junior offers 90 percent of the performance and functionality of the original DirectStream. It is simply that good.”


Matrix  X Audio SPDIF 2:

Upgrade DirectStream Junior (or Senior) performance by utilizing I2S conversion.  3500+ posts on the Matrix thread (https://forum.psaudio.com/t/matrix-x-spdif-2/9116) show this device’s popularity.  Even Ted Smith uses one daily!  One year old.  I’m the original owner, bought directly from Power Holdings, the USA Matrix Audio distributor.  Ships with original packaging.


Retails for $379.  Offering at $300.


AudioQuest Mocha HDMI Cable:

Excellent I2S cable that connects the Matrix to the DirectStream Junior.  Original owner, bought from Music Direct.  Ships with original packaging.


Retails for $200.  Offering at $120.


Retail grand total is $4,579.  If someone buys it all, will take $100 off, thus $2,570.  That’s $2009 off the retail price.


Ships from Hawaii via insured priority mail to anywhere in the USA.  Because shipping costs a little bit more from Hawaii, I’m willing to evenly split the shipping and paypal fees.


Thanks for your consideration 🙏









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