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Article: Audio Recording Primer Part 1: Commercial Recording Quality

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Funny because I was just about to start a thread along the lines "what makes a good recording good". Looks like my question will be incorporated here.


It has taken a long time since the dawn of digital but playback systems have eventually become very good. It is now the lack of similar quality recordings of mainstream artists that is the limiting factor. There are a small handful of people like Barry Diament making such recordings and I have also heard one of your excellent recordings. I think it is the crime of the century that this is not more mainstream. As you say, they did it better in the 1950s and 60s. Why have things not progressively improved since that time?


The usual answer is that artists and engineers are making things to sound "good" over earphones, iPhones and the like and this is why such things as compression and the loudness wars exist/existed. I still really don't get it, and very happy to be shown why, but for me a good recording sounds better on every medium that I play it on. It certainly sounds better on my high-end system, it sounds better on headphones, it sounds better when played on my TV and small contraptions like phones.

Sound Minds Mind Sound



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