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work around for headphone that cancel out surround speakers on new tv

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Good morning- I have just purchased a Sony x900H 4K Android TV and a Sony STR DH590 5.1 receiver. Unlike my now dead 10 year old Samsung LED TV and my 15 year old(which no longer allowed speaker setup/calibration) Yamaha AVR my wife can listen with headphone plugged in front headphone plug on the front of the DH590 BUT it turns off the surround speakers so I can't listen. I have tried all different connections for audio out on my cable box, the new TV, the new receiver(RCA and digital out) and I either get no headphone reception or no surrounds while the the headphones are connected.

I have tried my non wireless Sennheiser HD 598s my wireless Sennheiser RS-195s(tried both analog and digital optical connections) and T-120s(RCA only which worked wonderfully with my old setup plugged either into old Samsung TV or old Yamaha AVR) and get either no headphone reception and/or surrounds are turned off.

The very fine print in the receiver manual says you can't listen to both that the headphones(plugged into front panel headphone jack) turn off the surrounds and the TV speakers but can't find anything in online manuals for the new TV about this.

Does anyone have a 'workaround' for this perplexing problem it is really disappointing and the GEEK Squad guys who set up up the TV and receiver also tried everything-they were very knowledgeable one suggested a Bluetooth wireless headphone but I can't even pair my iPadPro or my i7 Phone yet.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated there has to be a way to listen with headphones and surrounds at the same time. Thanks bobmd

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