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FS: SOtM tx-USBUltra SE

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FS: SOtM tx-USBUltra SE

tx-USBUltra SE USB Regenerator: This is the Special Edition from AudioSensibility (producers of some of the finest silver cables).

  • We use 20AWG OCC silver for the internal DC wiring upgrade.
  • As an added bonus we incorporate JSSG (John Swenson Shield Ground) 360 double shield on both of the internal DC cables.
  • The standard Evox capacitor modification and eABS-200 EMI/RFI absorber addition is also included.
  • Voltage is set at 12V. A number of people believe this is best of SQ, and after experimentation, I agree. However, I can set the jumper to either 6.5-8.5V or 9V before shipping if desired. 

[SMS200 Network Player - SOLD ]

The tx-USBUltra SE is in pristine condition cosmetically and functionally. It is less than a month old, used for three weeks.

All original packaging and accessories are included (Power Supply, USB Cable).


My seller feedback is under edwardsean on Headfi.com.


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