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DDC that converts I2S or SPDIF to USB

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This question came up in the ECdesigns thread, triggered by a wish to be able to:


SDTRans384 => I2S or SPDIF => capable DDC => USB => ECdesigns USB-only DAC


Conversion from USB to I2S or SPDIF is quite common, but the reverse is hard to find.


I first thought that the Mutec MC-3+ USB would be up to the task:


It does look like it as its USB connection says 'I/O', but I am a little confused as this would require a (nonexistent?) USB cable with USB B connectors at both ends.

And I was advised that it cannot output USB as master, only as slave, so the DDC could not take the place of a (master) computer with USB.

A befriended audio engineer told me that it will never be possible as USB is an asynchronous data signal and SPDIF is a synchronous signal.

Another pointed at an i2s-to-usb bridge from ComTrue:


provided it supports OTG functionality.


My technical knowledge is limited so I can confirm nor refute any of this. Hence my question:

Anyone here actually succeeded in doing this?


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5 minutes ago, bodiebill said:

SDTRans384 => I2S or SPDIF => capable DDC => USB => ECdesigns USB-only DDC


A computer (USB host) is necessary to be inserted between capable DDC → USB since all USB audio devices are USB slaves, that's why there're providing this device driver for their I2S-to-USB bridge




I don't believe there's a feasible way to skip the computer (USB host) part, not to mention that XMOS XU208 inside ECdesigns USB-only DDC (not DAC) also requires both device driver and the computer to be present.

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Thanks @seeteeyou, that makes sense. I thought I'd ask here just to be sure.


I did use 'ECdesigns USB-only DAC' as a simplification, meaning the combo U192ETL DDC + DA96ETF DAC. After all, DAC's also contain DDC circuits, and in theory both could have been combined into one device, which then we surely would have called a DAC.  


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