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Pioneer Monitor 5 Headphones

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Pioneer Monitor 5 Headphones

Selling my Pioneer Monitor 5 Headphones.

They are in perfect condition except for a small 'scrape' on one of the outer rings of the ear cup housing.
In the picture I tried to make it look as bad as possible. The 'scrape' probably won't ever be visible, because it is right under the part that hinges and attaches the cup to the headband.

They work perfect and come with all 3 cables (balanced and unbalanced), 2 sets of ear pads (velours and faux leather, the faux leather ones are new), adapter plug, manual and original box.

Asking $550 plus shipping and paypal fees.

(they fit inside a USPS large flat rate box, so shipping, including insurance will be around $20)

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    550.00 USD
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