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Double Brain Transplant

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I have an older Dual G5 pro that takes way too much space on my desk and is getting slower by the day. So I said what if I take a 128GB SSD drive and put it in a Mini with 4GB of memory and say a faster processor.


So I bought a 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo Mermon processor on eBay for $79 and had the drive got the Mini and memory in yesterday and in like 30 minutes it was up and running.


So I had this 1.83GHZ Core 2 Duo processor and I said hey swap that into your Mac Mini 1.66 Core Duo and put in 4GB of memory in that one... well it hicuped when booting so poped the memory out swap them same thing.. An hour later I swaped the original 2GB of memory in and all is fine.


But the 2.2/4gb/128GB SSD is killer. I will probably take it too the show as well as my 2.4GB/SSD Macbook as the computers of choice.


Thanks to all my friends I have about 100 high res cd's for the show. More than I think 300GB of high res stuff.


Well it's beer time...




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