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SOTM SMS200 ultra Neo + Sonore Signature LPSU

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SOTM SMS200 ultra Neo + Sonore Signature LPSU

For sale in used but very good condition is this excellent combo. This combination comes awful close to the Aqua LinQ at less than 1/3 of the cost. A few details

- The SOTM SMS 200 ultra Neo includes:

    - The power supply board cap upgraded with a better than SOTM - cap, an Audio Note capacitor yielding more meat on the bones + fuller and more controlled bass.

    - It also has the optional BNC clock input.

    - While the unit shows 12V as the input on the bottom of the unit the input voltage was reset via internal dip switches and it is set to 7 volts to work perfectly with the signature LPSU.

    - The latest firmware as of 7/25/20. 

    - Does not include a stock power supply

    - includes the original box

- The Sonore Signature Linear Power supply:

    - Includes the Cardas DC3 output cable. 

    - I do not have the original box, but rest assured it will be packed carefully for safe shipment.


The neo ultra with clock input + the cap upgrade = $1550 MSRP, the Sonore Signature LPSU = $1400 MSRP, asking $1550 for the pair or $950 for the neo and $650 for the LPSU. Thanks for looking!!


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