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NVMe vs NAS vs ?

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11 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

The only benefit I can see would be quick recognition of newly added local music by Roon. Roon can have issues spotting new files with the music stored on NAS. A manual scan is a workaround.

This is a persistent problem that I did not detect when I compared Roon to JRiver Media Center for the January 2019 debut of the new AS.  I might have considered a dedicated internal or USB drive had I realized this up front.  It seems that Roon reliably detects db changes on my NAS only when restarting, which I didn't notice because I was opening and closing multiple programs during that evaluation.  But since I completed the piece and adopted Roon for myself, I leave it on 24/7 so I can listen in any room at any time.


I still find it a bit annoying to have to force a rescan each time I add a file, because immediate appearance of the addition confirms that my tags are OK.  So I open Foobar after adding new files, because it immediately picks up and displays changes.  Still, I love Roon - it's my default at home.  Heck, I'm not perfect either 😁

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