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Mint SoTM TX-USBUltra SE $850 Shipped!

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Mint SoTM TX-USBUltra SE $850 Shipped!

Selling my TX-USBUltra SE with Evox Caps, Silver Wiring, 12v input, 50ohm Master Clock input,  Perfect condition with the original box and power supply, plus a 75ohm Master Clock cable if you want to change it to 75ohm.


 A change to my digital front end negates my need for it. It still pains me to sell it, since it means one less need for Mutec Ref10! 

If you pair this with a better power supply such as an LPS-1/LPS-1.2 or Farad etc as it really scales with a great linear PSU.


$850 net PayPal’d includes shipping  in the Continental US, add 3% if not gifting PayPal funds


PM me if interested, I’ve priced it aggressively, because I need additional funds for a new SET amp that is almost built and ready to ship! 





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99% of the time I use USPS Priority with insurance. That gets it to the buyer in 2 days normally.

I do sometimes use UPS and FedEx if the delivery time is going to remain in a 3 day window.

I don’t like waiting for things I buy, so I try to be considerate of the same for buyers of items I sell.



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