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dual output from windows 10 latency issues

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Hi all, this is my first post and I am no expert so please be gentle 😂

My desktop PC is hooked up to play sound through  my Panasonic SA-PT470 home cinema theatre surround sound via HDMI cable 


I have a pair of Alesis studio monitors (mainly for playing guitar through via digital audio interface) however I also have a lead running from my speaker output port on the desktop computer into the studio monitors


I have just figured out how to enable dual audio output through windows 10 by setting speakers (Realtek) as default device, enabling stero mix and then playing panasonic (NVIDIA)


Unfortunately there is some quite severe latency issues (studio monitors playing before the panasonic surround). It would be nice to also use my studio monitors as effectively 2 extra surround sound speakers - is there anyway I can resolve the latency issues?


The panasonic home theatre unit has RCA input ports on the back but this will not make the studio monitors play through it.

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On 7/27/2020 at 12:58 PM, vanbboble said:



Okay, I'll take a stab at it. Only a generic response to this kind of problem  This kind of problem isn't always due to the 'speed' of the Windows box, but might be because of the size of the buffering on each component also.  The buffering size might or might not be standard.


The reason for the buffering is just in case the source might have delays.

Also, processing in each device might simply have different speeds.


I have seen this on TV/displays also -- the propagation times through the units just might be different.

Is there a tunable buffer size/timing delay on the units?  (probably not...)


Again, just a stab.




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Thanks for the reply John, yes I guess it is due to the panasonic home theatre unit having a delay. Fortunately the home theatre surround is pretty good anyway so I can live with just using the speakers for my electric guitar - will also come in handy when I start recording 

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