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Running more than one Sonore Rendu

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41 minutes ago, charlesphoto said:

Hey, since the Sonore forum isn't working for me at the moment, I have a question. Can I have multiple rendus on the same network? I really need the UPNP bridge app, but have spotted a Roon only oR for a good price, so I could keep the microRendu 1.4 and run Bridge on it (the Roon only device doesn't have bridge)? The oR would hook into the DAC upstairs, and the mR in the server closet downstairs, ethernet in and nothing out. I'm assuming this is ok but just wanted confirmation before I press buy. 


Thanks, Charles


absolutely -- each is assigned separate ip addresses by your router.  you should make sure they don't have the same name though.


you certainly can run the microrendu in roon mode (which runs roon bridge) and the roon only optical rendu only runs roon bridge so you're all set there.


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