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MinimServer migrating to Subscription Model

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Just a heads up for forum members. Minimserver is moving to a two tiered subscription model as of late October this year. A basic (free) package with Minimserver and a enhanced package (yearly subscription) with Minimserver (more features) and Minimstreamer.


Minimserver/Minimstreamer has served me well for the past few years wherein I was able to use the remarkable streaming abilities of Minimstreamer to transcode on the fly (dsd included) and to enable internet radio m3u playlist streaming.


Minimstreamer will expire as of late October and to reinstall will require the enhanced package.


I have found limited success with respect to internet radio m3u playlist streaming using Linn Kazoo Server. Streams show  up in Mconnect Lite and Droidupnp controllers but ironically are absent in Linn Kazoo (used as an Openhome controller).



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