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For sale Apacer memory 2 x 8GB 2666 ECC UDIMMs

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Is still available? 

Doepke DFS2/ Gigawatt C16A + 044/ Lc-y Evo/ LC2-Evo/ LC-3 MK3/ Toroidy DC Blocker/ Hdplex H5 / Windows 10 Pro1903 AO3 + Fidelizer Pro/ JPLAY Femto/ Crosshair VIII Dark Hero/ Ryzen 9 5950X/ Optane M10 32GB/ Apacer 2x4GB DDR4 ECC 2666/ Jcat Usb XE/ Audiowise Opto DX USB/ Sablon USB 2020/ Paul Hynes SR4T 5v/ 2x Baaske NET Isolator MI 1005/ Ethernet cable Viablue EP-7S/ Lacie d2 Professional 8 TB USB 3.2 HDD/ Hdplex 500W DC ATX/ Holo Spring 3 KTE/ Audio Research LS5 (4x E188CC Red Label/ 4x RCA 12BH7A Black Plates/ 2X Brimar 12BH7 Black Plates)/ Proceed HPA2 (Mark Levinson 432)/ Scansonic MB 3.5B + Iso Acoustics Gaia III / Townshend Isolda EDCT/ 2x Townshend DCT 300 XLR/ Synergistic Research Purple Fuses In Hdplex, SR4T, Preamp, Dac/ 4X Townshend Seismic Pods

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