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Music app and album artwork in songs view

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It has been a nightmare experience for me.  We moved to a new home in November and a family member works for  Sonos.  She helped me buy a system and install it.  At the same time, I upgraded to Catalina.  Sonos and Apple did not work on this transition and the speakers did not work with Catalina. I mf oved back to another Mac with iTunes and not the Music App.  That worked.


I purchased a new Mac Mini that came loaded with Catalina, I transferred the Music files to the mini and no album artwork.  So, I am not a fan of Catalina.  I have been an Apple user, supporter and stock holder since the 80's (stock is paying for retirement).  Tech support here in the retirement community talked me into moving my cd's to digital as a way to keep me busy and out of their hair.  Apple iTunes was good for that.  The Music App has created chaos in my digital library as I did not purchase a lot of the songs from Apple, the information in the cloud is different than the actual cd.  


Sorry to rant Kirk.  I hope big Sur is more music friendly.

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2 hours ago, kirkmc said:

Yes, there have been problems with artwork, but I've had no issues using Sonos speakers from my Catalina Macs. 

Sonos speakers originally did not recognize playlist in Music App/Catalina.  We now have to set up an iTunes folder in Music.  I kept that computer as Mojave and use mostly playlist(s) with Sonos.

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Good news.

I may finally upgrade from OS10.13 on my machines.




Actually, I've just looked at the hardware requirements and my machines are too old. Even better!

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The only issue I ran into with Catalina and Sonos and Music (iTunes) was the issue regarding being able to import playlists.  I received an explanation from Sonos that whatever it was they used to import the Playlists was no longer published by Apple.  In the end it was no more than a minor inconvenience. 

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On June 15 Kirk said this: 

“If you'd been disappointed by the lack of artwork in Songs view in the Music app, I have a feeling that you will like the new version with macOS Big Sur, coming out in the fall.” just curious I don’t see anything different with artwork in song view, am I missing something?

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