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ABB Fans - Brothers Reunion Concert 3-10-20...kicks ass!

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Jaimoe, last performing original member of the ABB asked the guys who have been members over the years to get together.  They agreed and performed at MSG just before the City shut down.  The Nugs.net guys, who I believe were formerly known as livedownloads.com have posted the entire show in multiple formats that should attract my fellow CA/AS members, PCM HD, DSD, MQA...they also live streamed the show on March 10th and then pay per viewed it this past weekend, and I believe that they may continue to offer it on that basis.


Watched the concert on Sunday and because the quality of the filming was great, confirmed that I had been playing a dozen of their tunes with the correct chord inversions and learned a couple of new ones to boot.  My wife, who has to deal with my guitar obsession, stopped to take a look.  She is a big fan of Derek Truck's band with his wife Susan, TTB, and she was mesmerized by the filming.  I have purchased first couple of row seat to TTB shows here in FL, but this was like being on stage.  Downloaded the PCM HD and it sounds great.


As for the important part, the music, Warren's vocals and playing are soulful, Derek just smokes on slide (he gets better and better), Chuck Leavell cameos on piano with style, Oteil swings hard with the rhythm section and Derek's kid brother Duane Trucks on drums, covering for his late uncle.  Together they jelled and cooked for 3 hours pushing some of the songs in great directions, like the Dreams and Mountain Jam extended improvisations.  


For me, best ABB performance since the one captured at the Fillmore East...which is a reference performance and recording of historical importance. 


Dig it!

Tone with Soul

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