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best closed headphones better than Sony Z1R 

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Hi all

at the moment I have Sony Z1R  with Topping DX7s  ...   I am a bit bored with Sony Z1R and I want to try something else ...

I used to have the sennheiser hd800s  and I liked them very much , but they were not very usable  to me as it was very loud so I sold and bought Sony Z1R... 

I also tried sennheiser hd820s  but to me it was not like sennheiser hd800s... what do you think is the best for the close headphone better than Sony Z1R...also should I think about upgrading my Topping DX7s as well?


also on a separate matter, I dream to own FOCAL UTOPIA if that ever happen, what is the best DAC/AMP , my guess is using Topping DX7s is out of question ?


Thanks in advance

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You may want to read the review of the ZMF Verite Closed headphones by Josh Mound.  I own a pair and am stunned at how amazing they sound. You mentioned the Focal Utopia.  I heard them once at a headphone meet.  To me they sounded extremely fast and detailed, possibly faster than the HiFiMAN HE1000 that I own.  However, the Utopia occasionally sounded a bit too bright for my taste.   The Verite Closed are also extremely detailed but not harsh.  They're really amazing.  

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One of my work spaces requires closed headphones. It’s not really a critical listening location. I use a Focal Elegia there, after trying a run of cheaper alternatives. SQ, and isolation, are really good.

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