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which one ?

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hello I am a complete newbie  and this is my 1st post so hope I am in the right place , my question is I am wanting to get into the streaming side of things , have seen a few which I am interested in , ie a lumin , novafidelity , aurglic , melco , but unsure do I go wi fi or ethnet connection I am after getting best quality  sound , I am currently running a leema acoustic tucana ll anniversary amp with a leema acoustic antila cd player , would i need a deacated dac ? any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated 

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Welcome Gary, to get more (basic) insights sites like Darko.audio or Hans Beekhuyzen on YouTube can be a good starting point, or of course a dealer visit when that’s possible. When you’ve narrowed down your preferences* bit further, it’s easier to help with specific questions.


*for example: 

- budget

- reuse the DAC in your CD-player? (Regarding connection, or perhaps sell CD-player??)

- app/interface (Roon, Logitech Media, from device, ..)

- what’s your digital music source (NAS, streaming service, ?)

- dealer advice/service

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On 7/6/2020 at 6:27 PM, gary mac said:

would i need a deacated dac ?

 Definitely YES 😀


I’ve google your items, and none of those two has digital in. 

So, yes you have some decisions to make.

But let’s assume you’re keeping your amp for now, you can use almost any of those analog inputs from a DAC. 
Since you probably has a very good preamp with volume control, you can purchase “almost any” DAC without volume control. A DAC with USB input is preferred. If you find one with Ethernet in for streaming could be good. 


Do you plan to use Roon ? Then you need a NUC / NAS or something where Roon is installed. Or any other player. 
Next you would like some sort of an endpoint. Many options available. Pi and Sonore Rendu series as examples. 

However there are nice integrated streamers with DAC’s out there. You already mention some brands yourself. 

If you can, stay away from WiFi. (Remote control the player by WiFi is OK).


There are endless treads here at AS with topics about best way to stream. I suggest you take some time to read some. You can search writers as Barrows, John Swenson, Austinpop as an example. A lot skilled people around. 

The absolutely cheapest way to start is if can get a Cromcast audio plugged into your amp. 
Assuming you have Tidal, Qobuz or similar on your phone and WiFi available.


A Squeezebox Touch is also nice to test out together with a 14 day trail on Roon on your PC.


If you’re able to get a very cheap USB DAC, you can even use an old iPhone with CCK as Roon endpoint into that DAC with very good results. (Use iPad or PC as controller). 


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thank you both  for your input on this and I will look into this a bit further , they seems to be more to it than I 1st thought , i was under the impression it was go out  buy a streamer  (2k budget pounds) connect to my amp  and use a service like tidal or quboz , but to get what I am after seems to a bit more involved , told you I was a novice , thank you both again for your support , gary mac

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@gary mac









You don’t need Roon, but it’s a good idea to check it out, and decide if you should plan for a possible later integration with what you decide to purchase. 
You can as you say just buy a streamer that supports Tidal and Qobuz. 

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R1200CL thank you for pointing me in the right direction , as I said completely new to this  , there is alot more to take into consideration than I frist thought so looks like I have to do alot more research into the subject , also don't want to make costly mistakes , I will read the links you have sent me and once again thank you , your input has been greatly appreciated  gary mac (uk)

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