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External Power for Sotm PCIe USB 3.0 Card

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Is or has anyone powered a Sotm PCIe USB 3.0 Card with a 5 vlt 1amp external LPS.   The reason I ask is because I am getting mixed messages.  


Sotm tell me 5 vlt is not enough to do it.  The Specs on the Card state.  


External power input
   Input voltage : +6.5V ~ +9Vdc
   Input current : 2A max 


A consistent builder of Music servers, who is abit of IT Guru, tells me he has driven many Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supplies, without incident.


I am just about to purchase a Keces p8 LPS and it has a USB output of 5vlt 1 amp that I was hoping to use on my Sotm PCIe.


I know I can just try it when it arrives but curiosity has got me in the leadup.


Regards Cazzesman



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Well I have to say I am truly amazed.  Not one person will admit to every attempting to power a Sotm USB card with 5vlt 1amp power supply. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Where's your adventurous spirit you lot???  Call yourselves visionaries of our Audio future. 😛


Guess I will have to try it and see what goes 'Bang' when my Keces p8 arrives.


Regards Cazzesman 😛

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Just because it works does not mean it works well...


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1 hour ago, Cazzesman said:

Words of wisdom 4est.    How do the learned know the difference?    That is the $64 question.  


I guess the 'Ears' will have it.


Regards Cazzesman



Even if it works you will still be nagged by the question of would it have worked better with the recommended voltage...





Audio system

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