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Ferrites (on USB cables, etc.)


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There have been conflicting views on various threads regarding USB cables with or without ferrites/chokers. I'm curious to hear opinions on whether or not they are beneficial or detrimental. The cable that came with my DAC has them, and I tried a different cable without to see if I could hear a difference. If there was one, it was very minute.


I'm not interested in if more expensive cables sound better...there are plenty of other discussion on that, but it's curious that companies like Kimber chose to include ferrites, although I read that there is an option without as well, but I haven't seen that model for sale online.




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The Ferrites are not good for several reason's. The error rate on the USB link seems to go up and it also causes noise in the end point.


Simply removing the Ferrites on the Kimber made a huge difference. Before that any $8 Belkin Gold cable could beat it out.


This would be the same for other cables as well.





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I found the upper spectrum sounded a bit more detailed when I switched to the non-ferrite cable, but sometimes I think I hear what I want to hear and nothing more.


Why do you think companies like Kimber would go to the extra effort to put them on if they only detract from the sound?


itunes alac > mac mini > pro-ject usb box > pro-ject pre box > pro-ject amp box > totem rainmaker

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The same way you market any "luxury" product - take something fairly basic and ubiqitous and construct a "story" around it. Works in all sorts of areas of life - from Audiophool HiFi to pieces of conceptual art. My Swiss chronometer watch is crap at keping the time but it's made from pure unobtainium by little wise Swiss elves fed a diet of organic Emmental and biodynamic Pinot Noir. Easily worth the massive premium over a £5 Casio market special which is otherwise functionally superior in almost every respect...


On the other hand, ferrite beads probably DO sound better - but perhaps only due to the expectation bias you're experiencing.


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