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Hi @Kal Rubinson


Did you upgrade to the newer V27? 

I am still on the V25 with Dirac. 


Jriver recently added support for VST3, but people report latency when using with Dirac, and moreover given JimH words VST3 doesn't give anything sound wise. 


Speaking of Roon, there I read rumors they work with Dirac integrating plug in into their DSP engine, but I don't see anything happens. 


What are you using today? 





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I did a quick run with the updated DL a while back but, because I have been using review sample streamers while my core streamer was out of service for upgrading, I have not really been using DL lately.  Now that my renovated machine is back, that is on my agenda.

I will be using it with JRiver.  I do not know if or how one can use it with Roon.

Kal Rubinson

Music in the Round

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile

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On 7/6/2020 at 1:36 AM, jrobbins50 said:

@Kal Rubinson  I am really enjoying convolution filters generated by Audiolense. They work in Roon, JRiver and HQ Player. JCR 

 I’ve had good luck with Audiolense too. Great product: relatively straightforward user interface, great convolution filters, and responsive email support.

Roon + HQ Player front end; Bricasti M3 with Ethernet and headphone amp; Pro Audio Technology 2115sm active speakers and amps plus four 15" subs; Lumagen Radiance video processor; Wolf Ref 700 projector; Kii3 + Control in another room; Accourate, Trinnov, and Dirac bass management and room correction; extensive RPG room treatment; HifiMan and Focal cans; Decware Taboo Mk3; 20 amp hospital grade UPS; EtherRegen, Sonore Empirical Audio and SOTM, all on LPS, feeding DACs

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