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Vinyl to 24 bit FLAC - low budget


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I don't know about your specific Asus motherboard, but most mic inputs in motherboards are mono. Also, a mic input, as opposed to a line input,  expects a low voltage level. If your motherboard has a line-level input (which btw always are stereo), then your best chance is to connect a tape output from the Denon to this line-level input in your motherboard.

If your motherboard doesn't have a line input, your best chance is something like the Nad device mentioned in a previous post, directly connected to the PC via USB.


Note: some old mac computers had analog, line-level inputs.  Also, even cheap USB soundblasters have line inputs. Finally, I think there is a cheap Behringer usb device with rca, phono-level inputs, very similar to the Nad.




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