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Vinyl to 24 bit FLAC - low budget


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18 hours ago, bluesman said:

I have about 2000 albums, dating from my grandparents' single side 3/32" thick Philadelphia Orchestra recordings circa 1920 through all of their 78s to my parents' collection of 78s and LPs plus about 1200 of my own LPs (of which I bought the first ones in 1959, when I was in the 8th grade).  I have some wonderful classics, like early pressings of Kind of Blue, Dark Side (EMI), many of the bebop jazz giants, masters of swing like Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall with Charlie Christian etc, plus classical greats, broadway show albums, soundtracks, my father's Nat King Cole collection, etc etc.  They're all pristine and sound great on my Thorens TD125 / SME.


When I'm in the mood for the vinyl experience, I choose an album, set it up, sit down with the jacket and a suitable beverage, and revel in the whole thing.  This happens a few times a month at most.  The rest of my listening is digital, which is almost constantly playing somewhere in our home.  But when I'm in the mood, there's not much to rival the joy of a complete vinyl encounter, from selecting and handling the record to sipping a fine scotch while listening to my favorite music, enjoying the album art, reading the liner notes for the 500th time, and just forgetting about everything else for a while.


I've ripped some of my vinyl, but to be honest it was easier to just buy good digital versions of those I listen to often.  So the thrill ain't gone, but it has a rival for my affections 😄

I can't say the thrill is gone... its just that I balk at paying over $500 for a cartridge where 1 unexpected sneeze during a track change can make $$$ go up in smoke.





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