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Burn in time of network equipment?

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19 hours ago, BigAlMc said:

I'll offer a non sarcastic response to the Op.


If you believe in burn-in then there is no reason why it shouldn't apply (to greatly varying extents) to different equipment.


For example my EtherRegen definitely improved after a period of a couple weeks. That said my Netgear switch didn't make a noticeable improvement in the first place or improve over the time.


So the sensible, non mocking answer, is that it very much depends on the item and how much it contributes to the system sound. For the majority of network equipment, routers, switches, ethernet cables it's very unlikely they'll make enough of a contribution that any burn-in would make an audible difference.




ok honestly the mark of a good network switch is complete and utter silence from day 1. The network should transmit the sound with absolute transparency — there should be literally nothing to burn in.

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