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Opps sorry 

Mac Book Pro 2013 with Catalina 10.15.5   2.4 GHz Intel Core

8GB Ram 250 GB SSD Internal drive
External 4TB WD HD with only Music 1,130 Albums

Thunderbolt To cat-6 Ethernet to New Netgear router, Cat7 ethernet to Micro Rendu,  Cables used Oyaide neo d+ Class A USB 2.0, Stellar Gain Cell DAC-Micro Rendu with latest Upgrade to make it close to Ultra Rendu
LPS-1 Power Supply-Grounded Cable, XLR cables to PS Audio M700 Mono Blocks 350 into 8Ω Paradigm Studio 100v.3 series speakers BiWired Spiked

Audio Software Roon latest version Demo

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