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Article: Review | Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Headphones and HeadAmp GSX mk2 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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Really enjoyed the headphone review. TOTL headphones have been under appreciated in content on AS but its really pushing understanding and knowledge ....just pleasurable. Keep them coming.There are a few more id love to see on my wish list in a well written review.

Head Amp have a strong pedigree, thier headamp gilmore mk2 was an afforable choice that still gives me musical enjoyment. Crystal clear and uncoloured. 1/3 cheaper now..

My Dan Clarks Ether2 works very well with it.  I dont know if i could take Torquemada's personal headphones after the Ethers feather light engineering, but id love to hear that slam on EDM.

Quoting Hannibal Lecter "we covert what we see" "What we read" works just as well. 


I think a small interview the reviewer on his piece would work at the end of an article. If Chris and the would be reviewer choose too

.A few questions and final thoughts in a little podcast. You can read the enthusiasm but a short conversation may add an extra dynamic. 


Thanks @Sonis  good job..


Kind regards






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Nice review @Sonis!

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Hi Sonis,


Thanks so much for writing this review and your companion piece on the Stax.  I decided a few weeks ago that COVID-19 meant that I had to resume my on and off quest for a price-no-object pair of headphones.  Sadly, of all the flagships, only the Focal Utopias are available at New England dealers, so reviews are absolutely essential.  Your reviews were the most helpful anywhere because you compare the character of stellar products in a completely even and thorough way--even down to the "better" bass of the Stax compared to the better "slam" of the Abyss.   I have the Stax on the way.  Thanks!



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