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Misleading Measurements

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It might help to not spend too much effort understandIng AES17-1998 given the Forward of AES17-2015 states:


This document substantially revises and updates AES17-1998

and the Forward of AES17-2020 states:


This document clarifies the definition of levels, the units FS and dBFS.

I don't have the new document (nearly twice as long as the 1998 standard), but perhaps all is made clear!?

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1 hour ago, lucretius said:


Thanks.  I think I am beginning to see it. For 2 vrms (sine wave) which = 2.8 v peak, if we set that to  0 dB FS, then for a square wave, the rms = peak = 2.8 v.  We can never have a peak higher than 2.8v.  However, rms can vary from 2.8 v and downwards for different waveforms. Is this correct?  And do we zero the rms meter? (It would seem that we would need to zero it at 2.8 -- this would mean that both peak meter and rms meter get zeroed at 2.8).




Yep this is pretty much it 😀


Im not quite clear on the "zeroing" (bit been a long day my fault).


Found this, might help someone






excellence in audio

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