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Help with ideas for upgrade from gaming PC for Roon

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I would like to start an upgrade journey.   Today I have a tower gaming PC running Roon connected USB to my Emotiva XMC-1 pre/pro USB and HDMI for multi-channel and movies.  The PC is in a closet behind the TV room with cables through the wall so the hardware is quiet in listening room.


So today:    Router  >   Switch  >  HTPC  >  Pre-Pro via USB  >  Emotvia MPS-1 amps  >  Speakers (Golden Ear Triton r.One)


My idea:

10TB+ music files on NAS + Qobuz  >  Roon ROCK on Intel NUC  >  Mytek Brooklyn DAC+  via USB   >   pre-pro   >  speakers 

- upgrades:  power supplies for NUC and Brooklyn 


Other ideas:

- the new CAPS Roon bridge w/high end USB and NIC vs. Intel NUC?  do this after Brooklyn?  don't want to buy both at same time due to cost

- put the Roon core on NAS and use a CAPS Roon bridge



I heard a Mytek Liberty with Intel NUC and wall wart power running Foobar2000 w/Tritons and it sounded good and better than Oppo 105D

I have a MM Music Hall MMF-5 TT so the phone on Brooklyn would be used assuming better than external Emotiva phono stage


I watch video from Emby on HTPC over HDMI and play quad and 5.1 music files with Roon over HDMI to pre/pro.


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