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Active desktop speakers recs please

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Hi there, 

I need to upgrade from the Emotiva actives for my desktop setup. 

Files running off RME dac as a roon endpoint. 

Dont need bluetooth etc. This is going to be used for near field listening. Highly resolving and a solid bottom extension within reason. No sub.

Budget - under 5K. Lesser the better. 

Thanks all.

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At that budget I would also check ATC ... though you might have to go used.

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In case you reside in Europe, check out the Abacus Cortex 6 at 7l (or Cortex 8 /10l) with AMT tweeter and adjustable bass, which may fit your bill, especially if  the low end is important. Frequency Range:  16… 80-> 20,000Hz

Alternatively, you may want to check out the AE1 from Phil Jones.
I've reviewed last month the Airpulse A100 designed by Phil Jones and was quite happy about their price/performance ratio, although thundering bass isn't their upmost virtue.
Good luck, Tom

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Manufactures writes:

The Cortex 6 is the smallest model in the Cortex range. Thanks to the powerful 15cm bass-midrange driver, the ABACUS Dolifet amplifiers, which are fed from a powerful power supply unit and with precisely adjusted bass equalisation, these small ones go just as deep into the frequency response cellar as their larger siblings. When used in the near field, the closed 6-litre box achieves adult listening levels, for use in fully-developed listening situations you can limit the low end and thus the maximum sound pressure can be increased. Also in combination with a subwoofer the Cortex 6 plays a big role, but remains a compact alternative

edit. corrected some automatic translation garbage




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these  guys are creating speakers since 1983, imho they do not need to make up "misleading" things their customers won't experience themselves. Relaxed guys from the northern coast in Germany, far away from any hype.
Sorry for the edit of the previous post ... 
Best, Tom

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