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SOTM SMS200 Buggy, Help Needed

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My front end is Sonore Sonic Transporter I5, SMS-200 Ultra and Uptone Ultraregen, all going into a Exogal Comet DAC. I use strictly Roon. 


I generally leave everything powered on. From one day to the next I'm constantly losing the SMS-200 "zone" in Roon. 


And then commences an eleborate turn this off, turn that off, turn this back on, etc. game until Roon finds the SMS-200 again


Is there a way to make the SMS-200 quit going buggy all the time??? For example, always turn off the SMS-200 and Ultraregen?


I've even burned new software images onto the SMS-200 SD card to no avail. I suspect the SMS-200 doesn't like the Ultraregen, but that's too bad because the Ultraregen does provide a sonic benefit ...


This bugginess is driving me up the wall ...


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Hi Greg,


I have a very similar set up (sMS-200 Ultra Neo via the Uptone EtherRegen) and have been experiencing the same repeated drop-outs.
Restarting the Neo usually worked, and if not as your experience, everything else I could think of - this also usually fixed the problem.

Yesterday that stopped working. A series of sd restores (different sd cards & firmware versions) failed as well. I also swapped out the EtherRegen for another network switch. Currently, I can see every device on my home network except the Neo. 


I've dropped May @ SoTM an email, I'll let you know what happens.


Main: 2x2TB Ext HDD/Mac Mini 2.3 GhZ core i5 + Uptone MMK & Teradak LPS/Roon/Ethernet LAN/Pink Faun LAN Galvanic isolator/.5M Supra CAT8/SOtM iSO-CAT6 LAN Isolator/.5M Supra CAT8/SoTM sMs200-ULTRA NEO + SBooster BOTW P&P Eco MkII/Curious cable .2M/UpTone Audio ISORegen + SBooster Ultra/Curious cable .2M/Mutec MC3+USB/DH Labs Silver sonic D110 AES/Genelec 7370A+ 2 x 85351s running GLM 3.1 with wireless remote.

Office: 4TBHDD/MacBookPro/iTunes with PureMusicr / Intona (industrial)/UpTone Audio ISORegen with SBooster Ultra/1M Moon Audio Silver dragon/Chord Hugo/AudioQuest Big Sur/Rogue Audio Sphinx/Anti-cables level 3/Elac Uni_Fi UB5's on Isoacoustics Apertas/Genelec 7050 Sub.

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Is it possible your router has multicast disabled? I had a problem like you describe with an Aries mini and that was the cause.




Audio system

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