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Tube Preamp Advice - Rogue, Schiit, and Vincent

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8 hours ago, AudioDoctor said:


Every report states the new Freya is significantly better in every way than the original. The two shouldn't even be compared. 

Although I do not disagree as I have no first hand knowledge of these, it does give me pause to wonder why they hadn't designed it better in the first place. People seem to go apeSchiit over their products, but I haven't been impressed by their lower tiers as much as I have been with iFi's. I seem to recall that these run the tube B+ voltage at about 100v. If so it is no wonder as that just isn't enough to get to the more linear area of the plate curve on the tube. Regardless, a triode based pre amp is well trodden ground, and methinks the tube/SS/buffer option is holding back the design. Well trodden is not synonymous with trivial, the devil is in the details.


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