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Regen, USPCB, TeraDak LPS, B&K Iso Transformer

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Regen, USPCB, TeraDak LPS, B&K Iso Transformer

1) Uptone Audio USB Regen (Amber) - *SOLD*
- MSRP: $175 
- SELL:  $75


Comes with all the original accessories & packaging (MeanWell Power Supply, 18" Long Volex 18awg cord, Male/Male USB A>B Solid adapter, 6" Male/Male USB A>B cable, User Guide) + extra 6" Male/Male USB A>B cable.




2) Uptone Audio USPCB A>B Adapter (1 year old)
- MSRP: $35 
- SELL: $20




3) TeraDak DC-30W Linear Power Supply (R-core transformer)  - *SOLD*
- MSRP: $150  
- SELL: $60


Output = DC 8V @ 2A  (customised by manufacturer) 

DC output is user adjustable via internal trimmer (currently set @ 7.5V for the Regen)


Comes with all the original accessories (AC power cable & 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm DC cable) + as an extra, Y-splitter DC cable




4) B&K Precision 1604A Single Output Isolation Transformer

MSRP: $125 
SELL: $60 => $50  (price drop)




Price includes Paypal fees, but excludes shipping (CONUS).


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