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Frequent disconnection from streamer from Network: Solved

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  I wanted to share an issue I had and solution provided by Andrew from dCS after many, many hours and weeks of frustration.

  Setup: QNAP NAS, mac Mini 2018, dCS Bartok on my network. My router is a Comcast gateway, made by Technicolor, provided by the internet service provider. Installed 2 months ago.


Problem: Constant disconnection from network; Roon could no longer find the Dac suddenly. Did not happen in USB mode.


Troubleshooting: Thanks to many at Roon and dCS in offering me solution pths. This has been lasting for weeks and streaming music on my network was unlistenable.


Andrew, Streaming and programme Manager at dCS sent this suggestion;


This Technicolor router is a nightmare…

Try this:

  • Go to the router’s admin page and login
  • Navigate to “Advanced -> Device Discovery”
  • Under UPnP click on “Disable”
  • Click “Save” and let the router reboot

Well, I did this and , Voila, no issues disconnecting anymore.


I thought I'd pass this forward, in case one of you has a similar issue with a router.


Thanks again to dCS and Roon for their support.



You two men go that way...



QNAP TS-131P->2019 Mac Mini-> -> dCS BArtok  -> balanced XLR -> Nagra MPA ->Shunyata Research cables and Hydra 6 -> Acapella La Campanella 2 horn speakers and REL R-328 SubBase. HiFi Rack Reference audio stand.

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