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Issue with NUC and Roon

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Hopefully, someone can help me. I have a mac mini running Roon Server and everything seems fine on that end. I can airplay from the Mac MIni to other speakers. The problem is with the intel NUC (7PJYH) headless and LampizatOr TRP DAC. It keeps losing the connection.The NUC is fed a ethernet line from a switch that includes the Mac Mini.  When the Lampi loses the connection, I usually just have to put back the USB with the Roon software into the NUC and reboot and save it and it works fine. But lately it has been losing connection almost every day for the past week. I am not sure if the NUC is saving the configuration as a Roon Bridge though I click to save the new configurations. I updated the NUC and Mac MIni roon software. When I do save the configuration on the NUC and then go to what music software it is using it shows my a blank list but music is still playing from the DAC without the USB in.  If someone can give me advice on how to find out what the issue is, it would be much appreciated. I am not a computer novice but do not have much experience with LInux systems. 



Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 6.13.14 PM.png

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What software are you using on the Mac?


Either way it sounds like you might have an Audiolinux issue.


Might be worth deleting the Roon ID in Audiolinux on the NUC. See the following post:





Otherwise I'd suggest posting this question in one of the Audiolinux threads to see if someone can help.




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