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Mr. Speakers flagship headphones: Ether 2s with two cables

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Mr. Speakers flagship headphones: Ether 2s with two cables

For sale is an excellent sounding pair of Dan Clark's flagship Ether 2 headphones, $1,400 net to me, available only because I'm finally moving to a Raal system.  These are extremely good sounding planer-magnetic headphones, one of the most lightweight and comfortable headphones made today; for under $3K I haven't heard anything I like nearly as well.  Superior condition; I have a bit of tinnitus and listen at low to medium volumes so these have not been taxed at all.  The second headphone cable is slightly different, not necessarily better, than the black DUM cable Dan Clark designed specifically for the Ether 2s; for $500 more you can do better but both these cables sound really good; it just depends on your tastes and what type music you are listening to.


For a detailed description and more photos, you can go here to view my listing on Head-Fi.


In addition, I have a Pass Labs HPA-1 amplifier/pre-amp for sale; really versatile and also in superior condition, view detailed listing here.


Ether 2s with cables.jpg

HPA-1 front closer 30%.jpg

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    1,400.00 USD
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Who would have thought Idiocracy would turn out to be a documentary!?


Mapleshade Samson V.5 equipment rack, 4" maple platforms and brass vibration isolation, DH Labs 12ga Silver Sonic Power Plus dedicated power line, IsoTek Sirius EVO3 Power Conditioner, EtherREGEN, CAT8 Supra Ethernet cables, Linn Genki CD player (transport), Cary DMS-550 streamer/DAC, Pass Labs HPA-1 amplifier, Mr. Speakers Ether2 headphones, various Omega-Micro analog and digital interconnects and power cords. 

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