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Convolver VST plugins for macOS

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FYI you can use my own free convolution plugin if you are ready to do some files manipulation.

The plugin is available here HAFconvo in Audio Unit format for Mac 


It is a "true" stereo convolution engine so using stereo wave files for filters definition :

True stereo mapping


As this tool has been designed for the customers of my service, you just need to create a "HAF" folder in your "Documents" folder and put your filters respecting the true stereo mapping described above and following this naming convention : HAF_xxx_HL.wav and HAF_xxx_HR.wav where xxx is the rounded sampling rate (44, 48, 88, 96, 176, 192, 352, 384) The plugin will automatically select the right files depending on the actual sampling rate.


If you just want to use stereo convolution file, you can use a tool like Audacity to set the files like this

- HAF_xxx_HL.wav : put your left convolution file on left channel and silent on right channel

- HAF_xxx_HR.wav : put your right convolution file on right channel and silent on left channel


Hope this can help,




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In all cases you need to end up with 2 stereo waves files following this mapping : so if you start from a stereo wave file you first need to split it in 2 separate channels before assembling the _HL and _HR wave files, like described in my previous post.


The confusion certainly comes from the fact that my mention of "stereo convolution" does not relate to the way the 2 filters are set (one stereo file or 2 mono) but more to the fact that there is only 2 filters (one for each channel). On the other hand a "true stereo convolution" requires 4 filters, and this is why you need to feed the "missing" filters with silent.


I have no personal experience with SoundSource, but any player or audio system manager accepting AU plugins is fine,



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58 minutes ago, macuniverse said:


This is interesting but I'm not sure I understand the measurement process here.


How do you get two stereo wav files for this purpose? Do you need a setup with two mic or can you record four mono wav files and combine them as stereo pairs later on? 


It is a little bit off topic but I use true stereo for my DRC service as I am offering some unique features like crosstalk reduction and direct / reverberant field correction.

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