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Dual HFC CT-2 S/PDIF cables in SCHROEDER configuration with JSSG360 shielding

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Dual HFC CT-2 S/PDIF cables in SCHROEDER configuration with JSSG360 shielding

For Sale: One pair of my Schroeder configured High Fidelity CT-2 digital BNC cables.  

These Schroedered-High Fidelity CT2 cables sound fantastic especially between the Chord M Scaler and DAVE or TT2 dac.

Please note:

I will provide the buyer of my Schroeder cables up to 3 days trial period (from date you receive the shipment) to listen to these great cables in your system and  if you choose to return them, I will refund your money promptly upon receipt  (less shipping and any associated purchase fees). 


A reference review link can be found here:  https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/?do=findComment&comment=1058990


Each of my "Schroedered" cables consists of two 1.42m HFC CT-2 digital cables (with RCA termination) in parallel and two Audio Sensibility Y-adapters configured 1BNC-2RCA .  

Please note below my cables' component list and MSRP per item:
1) $4500: 4 High Fidelity CT-2 digital SPDIF cables terminated in RCA, each are 1.42m length  

2) $500: 4 Audio Sensibility's Statement SE OCC Silver Y-splitters terminated with a single Furutech BNC on one end and splitting into 2 RCA's on the other end. 

3) $150:  Y connectors have been treated with Furutech Nano Liquid.

4) $85: JSSG360 shielding on all 4 cables


Total MSRP: $5235+ Labor
My price: $1595 (firm) which includes shipping within continental US.


Please note these High Fidelity CT2 cables can also be used as analog  interconnects and or as clock cables


Please PM me with any questions and thanks for reading this ad

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