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SOLD "Holy Grail" 1975 Reflektor 6N23P SWGP Silver Shield Tubes

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SOLD "Holy Grail" 1975 Reflektor 6N23P SWGP Silver Shield Tubes

4 tubes for sale, these are the legendary "Holy Grail" 1975 Reflektor 6N23P SWGP silver shield tubes, matched. For those that might not know, these tubes are in the 6922/6DJ8/E88CC/E188C, etc. family and are 100% compatible with any equipment that is specified to run this family of tubes.

I bought these with NOS measurements (see picture of test results) and due to my crazy work schedule, I would conservatively say these tubes have no more than 200 hours on them maximum and probably closer to 150. Therefore, they have a ton of life left. These were purchased from a trusted tube seller with repeated positive feedback from a number of members here on Headfi.

My preference is to sell these all together as a matched quad, but I may be open to selling them in pairs. There are not many of these Holy Grails out there for purchase as once word got out, people snapped them up and prices then went up as well.  

Here is the thread that really launched these tubes. My tubes are the exact tube type (date, etc.) that won this shootout against the ultimate tubes in this tube family.:


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    350.00 USD
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