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AQVOX SE Audiophile High-End Network Switch

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AQVOX SE Audiophile High-End Network Switch

Doing a bit of a clear our as the girlfriend is telling me I'm not allowed to buy any new toys until I sell some of the older ones from the 'big box of stuff' 😂


Aqvox Audiophile Switch Special Edition


No boxes or packing. Just the unit and original (shuko) power supply as pictured. In great condition as pictured. Not mint but very good.


Aqvox were adamant (or their site) that it did not need a better PSU and would perform better with the original PSU than an LPSU. Many on this forum cried BS and said it responded better to a better supply. I agree and used it with an LPS-1. Selling the LPS-1 separately and happy to discuss a slight discount for convenience. That said both are already at bargain prices to get them gone and my GF off my case 😉


Cost 800 euro which is £700 today. Looking for £350 and I'll pay shipping and PayPal






Synergistic Research Powercell UEF SE > Sonore OpticalModule (LPS-1.2 & DXP-1A5DSC) > EtherRegen (SR4T & DXP-1A5DSC) > PinkFaun modded Buffalo BS-GS2016P (Farad Super3 & LPS-1.2) > (Sablon 2020 LAN) Innuos Zenith SE server > (Sablon 2020 USB) Innuos Phoenix > (Sablon 2020 USB) PS Audio Directstream DAC > PS Audio M1200 monoblocks > Salk Sound Supercharged Songtowers 

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