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Ripping Strategy for Macs

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I'm hoping for help on getting started - I see that most are very advanced computer types - I am not. I read Chris's excellent ripping strategy post, but I'm hoping to keep from buying a PC as I try to convert to computer based audio. I'm wondering what the ripping strategy might be for the mac user? I started by trying to rip some disks in iTunes but there was no option for selecting ALAC.


So, now I am wondering if I need to go with a different library, do my ripping with a different piece of software and then import it into iTunes?


Thank you for any help.



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I use XLD (http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html) to rip my cd's and convert any FLAC files I've purchased to AIFF. I like XLD because it checks AccurateRip for file integrity, uses C2 error pointers, verifies suspicious sectors and creates a report for each cd ripped showing any problems. XLD will also automatically import the ripped files into iTunes as well as save a copy somewhere else of your choosing.






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