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1 drive or 2?

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I just got a 1.5 TB drive. I have a 250GB drive in my power mac g5 tower. My question is this. Would it be better to do a clean install of the OS on the 250GB drive and use the 1.5TB drive exclusively for my music library or do say 60 or 80GB partition on the 1.5TB drive for the OS and Applications and dedicate the remaining partition to the music library. FWIW I will not hit my head on even 1TB of storage space any time soon and I still would need to backup the 250GB drive before doing a clean install. From a sonic or secutiry point of view wil it make any difference. BTW I have 4.5 GB of RAM on the machine too.





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I use the external to house my Music Library only and then I back up both the external and my iMac automatically with Time Machine to a Time Capsule but it could be to any other hard drive. It is not as much about space as it is the physical security of a separate back up.


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