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Equipment Of The Rich & Famous.. & Best Melodies Of All Time?

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The old song and saying "There's no business like show business," really rings true. If even 10% of the public who see you, really like you, you are a very marketable commodity and are probably rich. What stereos do celebrities have? Probably the vast majority are not audiophiles who own high end equipment (although they certainly could afford it), practically all of them in fact. Do you have any knowledge of what equipment celebrities either alive or dead are alleged to have owned?


 Fabio had a story on him in a major high end magazine years ago with his custom Krell amps and Martin Logan speakers. Henry Winkler who played The Fonz on Happy Days, said that the first big purchase he made after he started making big money was a pair of AR 3A speakers. Clint Eastwood is said to be an audiophile, and said to have owned Rockport equip. Someone said they witnessed the late comic and sometime fill in for Johnny Carson, Gary Shandling having Wilson speakers loaded into his car one day from a high end salon. I wonder what equipment Carson had? You could tell it made his day when the band played during commercials, ( he pretended to conduct with his pencil) Another Late Night host David Letterman is supposed to be an audiophile as well as one half of The Odd Couple,Tony Randall.(perhaps he was a clean freak). Do you know any to add to this list, and what was their equipment of choice?


 It seems like melody in music has really taken a back seat to frenetic beats. A dying out of musical creativity? What are some of the best  melodies you can think of?  I'll bet a lot of them are from the 1960s and 1970s. Sad how so many musically brilliant groups went totally downhill all of a sudden and no longer showed even a glimmer of their former genius.

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Some simple songs with great melodies that come to mind: 


 Classical Gas-Mason Williams


 Crystal Blue Persuasion-Shondells


 Do You Know The Way To San Jose? - Dionne Warwick


Wichita Lineman-Glen Campbell


Turn, Turn, Turn-The Byrds






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