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The Great Server Experiment(s):  EMS 0.9

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A short status update.  


I have my second test system starting to come in right now.  This one will be in homage to the Victrola.  I will do the basic setup and assembly shortly and post some pictures, etc, soon.


This time it is a different cooler that does not need a fan, a different "case" that has not arrived as of yet, and a bit more.  I will also post a parts list but with the industry in a bit of flux it is hard to get some of these components.


Getting closer to EMS 1.0!




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Today I setup to start testing a different motherboard.  Here is the basic setup of the board.



I am still waiting for a special case to test with.  I have run into a set of problems with coolers.  The screws with a couple of them are the wrong thread pitch for the AM4 backplates.  Both the NOFAN cooler and the AM4 mount screws from the HDPLEX case are a problem.  I am testing with the NOCTUA cooler until I can figure the rest of this out.  


I do not want to do anything without that backplate on the motherboard.



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1 hour ago, Stephen_V said:

That thing is massive!



There is a lot of energy do dissipate from a running CPU.


Passive or semi-passive heatsinks need a lot of surface area to spread the heat around.  In the time-lapse you can also see the NoFAN heatsink.  Those copper lines are heat pipes. Once I get the right screws to install it properly I will test it!


The Noctua has six heat pipes to each radiator.  It comes with two fans if you need them.  


Oh and there are a couple of reasons we do not like fans.  First is the fan makes mechanical noise and some vibration.  Second, most fans are variable speed using Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM). PWM drivers for fans create electrical noise that is very detrimental.


If my testing requires long term fan use I will go to a DC fan that is properly selected to move the needed airflow.




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