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Primer for neophytes

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Chris, in this thread: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/node/699, you mention that you are working on some "enhancements" to the site, regarding some sort of primer for neophytes.


As one who is trying to put together the info in my mind before I jump in, i would like to offer a couple of requests:


-make flow chart diagrams, showing position of various components, and the relative merits/disadvantages of sequencing in a particular order.

-suggest complete mid-level, and entry-level systems, with components that work together synergistically.







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Hey thank you very much for the requests. I listen to all the feedback from readers and keep track of every suggestion


One question about your second recommendation. By the word "systems" can you describe exactly what you mean? To some people a system is only the computer part and to others it is everything from the plug in the wall to the computer all the way through the speakers to the listening chair. Some basic specifics would be great.


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By system, I mean computer. Perhaps as a mid-level system:


xxx HD wired to Apple Extreme wireless to MacBook Pro xxx toslink cable to xxx DAC to owner provided stereo system.


TAS & Stereophile do system recommendations from time to time; componenets with good synergy at price ranges from low to high.


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