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Music Linear USB-C/20V 4A LPS

Excellent sounding 4A power supply that can power:

1. MacBook/Pro from the front USB-C PD port (5V/20V) or

2. 2.5mm barrel jack rear output to a MBP (unterminated MagSafe cable included) or 

3. 2.5mm barrel jack rear output to a NUC (I've been using it with a i7 NUC with success)


It drops the noise floor, improves bass and clarity across the board. I've seen the same results on a 2015 MBP and i7 NUC.


AC Input 90-135V / 200 – 264V (Automatic worldwide voltage) 

DC Output : Front Panel : 5V / 20V : USBC Power Delivery 

Rear Output : 20V

Rated Output : 4A (Total 80W)





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