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Hi guys,


Starting to go down the rabbit hole... I have a Roon Nucleus and a micro rendu. I borrowed a Lumin U1. The Micro-rendu is going to be sold and the U1 going back to the friend as he isn't selling it.


I found the sound of the U1 not going through the nucleus and Roon to be much more realistic (better imaging, more air, and overall more musical). My Roon subscription needs refreshed in 3 days and I am considering not and instead going with Euphony or something else. My DAC sounds better in DSD. 


I am having trouble finding information about 2 box servers running HQPlayer and Euphony. Would one machine just run HQPLAYER and Euphony would be run on just the renderer? Any insight on sound with Euphony Stylus not having Roon touch the system vs with Roon? Should I just bite the bullet and buy lifetime Roon? Any threads with this information will be helpful.


Best regards,


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Welcome, and you are at the fork in the road that a lot of us have traveled.  Some folks travel down the Two Box Road, others go down Single Box Road, some of the folks travel the HIGH POWER ROAD, others go down the "low power road".  Read what @austinpop has been doing with single boxes.  @Nenon has been leading a charge down one DIY Road.  @ray-dude has gone to lots of "Extremes" with his server purchase.  (note that the folks I have listed here are on Single Box Road)


I have traveled all four roads and I have gone back to the fork and am also traveling  the High Power Single Box Road.  



Euphony has internal support for HQPlayer.  If you like the UI of Stylus then full steam ahead.  I am currently using Euphony in both Stylus and Roon modes. I am using a single box solution currently. (My systems are in flux with a big experiment I am just starting.  I will be documenting that soon)


Do you LOVE and HAVE to have the Roon UI and database?  This is the $750 question.... 







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Thanks for the insight, Bob! I guess I need to just download the Euphony OS and build a 1 piece server to see how I like it. Then I can experiment with another box.

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