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Today I discovered some software, available for both Mac and PC. I don't know much about it yet and it does appear to be focused somewhat on gaming consoles but it may be well suited for general audio analysis and comparison of audio equipment. The PDF manual is very impressive and includes many links to references.


Webpage link to downloads and general information.


I am hoping some of you who are more expert can take a look at this and respond with your impressions and potential ways this software might be used for the purpose of analyzing audio equipment output.


Here are some possible uses, as per section 1.1 of the manual.


Possible applications

  • 􏰆  Figure out if vintage hardware retail variations really have di􏰀erent audio signatures when compared against each other.

  • 􏰆  Help emulator and FPGA implementation authors with tools to tune 􏰁lter pro􏰁les that match vintage retail hardware audio signatures.

  • 􏰆  Help the modding community to compare how audio signatures change for each synthesizer within the targeted system while developing audio modi􏰁cations.

  • 􏰆  Determine if there were changes in the audio spectrum after modi􏰁cations to a console, like recapping or changing the audio circuitry.

  • 􏰆  Evaluate equipment, such as switchers and upscalers with audio passthrough. It can help Figure what e􏰀ect they may have by recording with and with- out them connected in the Audio/Video chain.

  • 􏰆  Help to recreate speci􏰁c audio signatures.

  • 􏰆  Help to tune a system to a particular taste.


There is also some interesting information that is derived from the analysis, and which is displayed as part of the output:

  • 􏰆  The frame rate of the console under analysis.

  • 􏰆  Plots regarding the Noise 􏰄oor from the recorded signals.

  • 􏰆  Audio balance percentage di􏰀erence between the stereo channels.

  • 􏰆  When using CD-ROM drives, it can output the time it took the unit to start playback.

Best Regards[br]Alex

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